Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big George Foreman

George Foreman (76-5-68KO’s): Big George had the power to destroy
great fighters like Joe Frazier and Ken Norton. George won a Gold
Medal in the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City. The following year he
would turn pro and within 2 years would become the number 1 contender.

In January 1973 Big George became the Heavyweight Champion of
the world by destroying Joe Frazier. He would later lose the title to
Muhammad Ali in 1974. After taking 10 years off, George returned to
the ring in 1987. He would later become the oldest man to win the Heavyweight Title by defeating Michael Moorer in 1994.

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Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Clinch Fighting For Self Defense

The clinch is a very misunderstood and underrepresented aspect of boxing. This includes both sportive and self defense aspects. So, let's take a look at the basics of clinch work.

Clinch work is essentially using your limbs to control the limbs, upper body and movements of another person. The boxing clinch is rather
primitive and does not possess the sophistication of the Thai Boxing clinch,
but the boxing clinch does have some value and is worth exploring.

Even if you do not initiate the clinch, if your opponent is getting hammered he might try to clinch you in order to control your limbs. Now, the clinch skills of the average person on the street will be very minimal and certainly will not be on the level of a competitive wrestler but you do want to be able to deal with the clinch.

If you opt to use the clinch to hold an opponent, DO NOT employ the traditional boxing clinch where both your arms go over the opponents arms. In boxing, this is a great stall tactic designed to force a referee to break. In the street, you are placing yourself in a bear hug and run the
risk of being thrown or taken down!

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Clinch Fighting for Self-Defense

Friday, December 5, 2008

Learn Mixed Martial Arts

Becoming A Mixed Martial Arts Fighter

If you know one martial arts discipline, you may be able to win fighting another opponent using the same system. But could you do the same if your opponent is using something else when you meet him in the ring?

The chances of you winning are 50-50. But if you are familiar with the style your opponent is using, then your chances become much higher.

For that to happen, you have to learn different systems of martial arts and train yourself like you have never done before. Being able to this makes you a mixed martial arts fighter and since this is not for everyone, you have to commit yourself to the art and make a tons of changes in your lifestyle.

These changes will include how you train, how you eat, sleep and even how you live. The downside is that it will affect your family and even your social life. Every sacrifice you make is important because the moment you lose focus, the greater the chances that you will really get hurt in the ring.

If you are for example skilled in judo, you will have to learn how to kick and punch by learning different styles such as judo, kickboxing, boxing and jiu-jitsu. You will not learn this overnight since it will take time to master them. After all the training, you should be able to switch from one discipline to another when the need calls for it especially when you are facing your opponent in the ring.

Aside from fighting in the ring, you will also need to run regularly so you are able to maintain your endurance. For those who were on the varsity team in high school or college, things are going to get more intense than that. When you are hurt, you will train even harder until you reach the point of exhaustion. Just remember that your opponent whoever he may be is doing exactly the same thing and the winner all boils down to who wants it the most.

The human body is the weapon you have as a mixed martial arts fighter. What you do and how you train will greatly affect how well you perform in the ring. If you notice, most of the fighters in the ring are physically fit so you have to be just as ready as them during competition.

So what does it take to be a mixed martial arts fighter? To be the best in this sport you must have dedication. For that, you have to give up a lot of things and the first step is to enroll in a school that offers various levels of training.

What you learn here is not only proper technique but also helps build up your morale and confidence which is something you need to push yourself further. When you look for a school, review the methods of training they use as well as the cost.

Can you afford it? If you do, then this shouldn’t be a problem but if you are financially strapped, try to find another school that can give you the same quality of training so you may become a mixed martial arts fighter. Look for them in the internet or ask around because surely there is surely a school there that can help you out. And don't forget before starting any exercise or training program seek the advice of a medical professional.

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Learn Mixed Martial Arts

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Jack Johnson Heavyweight Champion

Jack Johnson

Johnson was one of the most intelligent boxers there ever was.
Johnson usually began his fights slowly gradually picking up
the pace over the course of the bout. His defensive style was
not very common during this era. He would wait for an
opponent to make a mistake and take advantage of the error.
Johnson preferred to punish his opponents rather than knock
them out. In order to have been a Black Heavyweight Champion
in the 1910’s you could not be good, you had to be great. Jack
Johnson is one of the Greatest Heavyweight Champions of All-Time!

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Boxing Combination Tips

Jack Johnson Heavyweight Champion

Friday, November 7, 2008

Boxing and Streetfighting

If you want to avoid street fighting it is best to avoid situations that raise their potential. Stay out of bars known for being rowdy.
Don’t mouth off to people. Try to walk away when you can. However, if the situation does occur you need to have reliable tools capable to defend yourself.

If you do not know how to box you won't be able to recognize punches coming at you, nor will you understand what constitutes proper footwork, head movement and other defensive postures.
Remember, boxing is not all about punching. In fact, punching is probably less than half of boxing.

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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Punching Tips

There are a multitude of tips when it comes to proper boxing and the most important rule is that the punches must always return to their original guarding position. If you drop your hands after throwing your punching combinations, then your face will not
have any protection against a counter attack. So, always
return punches to their proper position after throwing them. Also, the hand that goes out in a straight line must return in a
straight line. Dropping, dragging and looping the arm back to the starting position leaves huge openings for counterattacks.

Boxing Combination Tips

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boxing Tips

Boxing is a science that is based on sound Physics. If you want to
fight in a terrible ineffective manner, you can just flail your arms
around like a madman. If you want some power behind this
nonsense, simple lift weights and become a "Big Dude". But if you
want to be a serious threat, than you need to Study the Art and
Science of Boxing - the ability to move and hit without being hit!

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